5 Important SAT Reading Tips

(1) One very important SAT reading tip is to read the question and quickly think of your own answer before reading the possible answer choices. If you don’t determine an answer before reading the answer choices, then the wording of the answers could possibly mislead you into picking the wrong choice. The strategy should be applied to questions that that you find more difficult.

(2) Some students think they need to memorize details about the passage before answering the questions. This strategy is wrong as the passage is available for your reference. When reading a passage, try to understand the main idea instead of memorizing details about the passage.

(3) A third important SAT reading tip is to answer the easier questions first. You want to make sure that you are trying to answer all questions; you do not want to miss five easy questions in order to answer one difficult question as you do not get additional points for answering more difficult questions. Do make sure to mark all questions that you do not answer so that you don’t miss a question.

(4) Another important SAT reading section tip is to skip main idea questions for a passage until you complete all the other questions for that particular passage. Every single question that you answer for a passage will give you a better idea of the main idea and help you mark the correct answers for main idea question.

(5) The last important SAT reading section tip is to not use any prior knowledge or opinions while answering SAT reading questions. All information that you need to answer the SAT reading section passage questions will be there; for the SAT reading section, trying to utilize any prior knowledge or your opinions will only hurt your score.

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