1. Initial Meetings:
Before I tutor your child, I would like to be sent a test score and/or any information that you have about current progress to obtaining your goal score.

All meetings will be over online video conferencing. I have found that video conferencing gets better results than through in-person meetings. Instead of just watching me, students will have to write out the solutions leading to a better understanding of the material. I will first go through basic overall SAT test-taking strategies and then work on the child's weak points as I see from the test score information sent to me. I generally like to teach at least 5-6 hours of tutoring before sending a new diagnostic exam.

2. Testing and Analytics: After a few sessions of tutoring your child, I will know their true current knowledge level as mistakes made because of lack of general SAT strategy will be eliminated. This initial period could lead to improvements of up to 200+ points through learning general SAT strategy.

3. Practice Tests: After teaching your child crucial general SAT testing strategy, I will begin to hone in on their weaknesses because of lack of knowledge about particular topics. We will use my personal library of 1000s of SAT questions from tests. I will also send full length 4-hour tests to complete under timed and realistic conditions. Students will gain stamina from taking 4-hour tests.

4. Continual Refinement: Many test prep programs (including the largest ones) fail to improve students to their maximum potential because the programs teach the same general lessons to everyone. If your child is strong at reading comprehension and algebra but is weak at problem solving and data analysis. It makes no sense to teach each topic for 1/3rd of the time. Many SAT companies teach this way both in group and private lessons and will not help your child reach the highest possible score. Continual refinement can increase SAT scores from 100-300 points.

5. Test Day Preparedness: When approaching the date of the actual SAT, I will begin to teach your child the best plan for them to increase their mental acuity and endurance for the day of the test. I will discuss with them strategies to deal with stress and fatigue on the day of the SAT. Being completely prepared for the day of the actual SAT can improve scores from 60-80 points.